House Designs

Are you an owner builder looking for some house designs to to choose from for your new home? Or maybe you are looking to build your dream home but want to find the perfect house layout before you select a builder? Buying concept house designs is also perfect for builders looking to provide their clients with more options.

Whatever your reason, if you are an Australian looking for house designs, then you have no need to look any further. You can find further information on rugs online @ .

What Concept House Designs Should Include

When buying a concept design, you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck! If you are going to pay for the design you want, then you want it to save you money when it comes time to hire an architect or draftsman to complete your full working drawings.

This means that you will want your purchased house design to have:

  • A Quality 3d Render – so that you know what your house will look like
  • A Concept Floor Plan – to make it easy to visualise how your furniture will fit
  • DWG Dimensioned Floor Plans – Autocad files so that your architect doesn’t have to start from scratch.

Concept Plans Coming Soon

Our goal is to have the largest and most diverse selection of concept house plans, specifically designed for Australians. If you do a search for house plans on Google, you will find that a lot of the websites cater the the American market and finding Australian house designs can be a little more difficult.

Our Main Focus Will be on the Following Categories:

  • Modern House Designs
  • Country House Designs
  • Beach House Designs
  • Narrow Block House Designs
  • Queenslander House Designs

Feel free to browse through our website and if you are looking for a custom house design then use the contact form to the right to get in contact with us.

We aim to start listing concept house plans on our website shortly.